Sundays, October 5th, 12th, and 19th (1 to 6 pm).

In this three-day workshop at the MIT Media Lab, participants learn everything they need to create a simple electronic device.

  • designing an electronic circuit board and getting it manufactured
  • soldering electronic components
  • working with sensors to detect light, motion, and sound
  • programming microcontrollers
  • debugging

At the end of the workshop, they go home with their own custom interactive light.

Workshop Fee: $150 (includes all required materials and resources)

Session 1. Device Assembly and Programming

IMG_0217 IMG_0360

IMG_0189 IMG_0106

Examples: jar light w/ accelerometer (above light); nightlight w/ light sensor (above right); candle light w/ microphone (lower left); Pac-Man light (lower-right).



  • Run Arduino.
  • Find the newly-created “Arduino” directory in your documents folder. (It should contain a directory called “libraries”.) Create a folder inside the Arduino directory called “hardware” (next to the “libraries” directory).
  • Move the “attiny” folder (inside the “attiny-master” folder) into the Arduino > hardware folder. For example, the file boards.txt should end up in Documents/Arduino/hardware/attiny/boards.txt.
  • Restart the Arduino software.
  • Look in Tools > Boards. You should see items starting with “ATtiny”.

Session 2. Circuit Board Design



  • Run Eagle.
  • In Options > Directories, add the directory containing the SparkFun Eagle libraries (e.g. SparkFun-Eagle-Libraries-master) to “libraries”. (Click in libraries, then click the browse button and navigate to the directory.)