Materials and Parts

Electronic components
Electronic Textiles: conductive thread, conductive fabric, etc.
Traditional Textiles
Paper Electronics: conductive paints, etc.
PCB Services

Electronic Components (HLT part library)

See also our electronics kits and tools page for more information about the materials and tools in our electronics lab.

AVR Microcontrollers
ATtiny45V: through hole, SMD (SOIC-8)
ATtiny85V: through hole, SMD (SOIC-8)
ATtiny84: SMD (SOIC-14)
ATmega168: through hole, SMD (TQFP-32)
ATmega328P: through hole [ DK, SF ], SMD (TQFP-32) [ DK, SF ]
Note that other variations (e.g. ATmega168V or the ATmega328) may be hardware compatible, but aren't supported by the Arduino software (and may be time-consuming to get set up).

1206 Surface Mount LEDs
White, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow

Axial Surface Mount LEDs

Green, Yellow, Red

Square through hole 4 pin LEDs

White, Red

5mm LEDs
Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White

1206 Surface Mount Resistors 1/4 Watt
100 ohm, 1K, 10K (alt.), 49.9K

Through Hole Resistors 1/4 Watt
100 ohm, 500, 1K, 2K, 5.1K, 10K

1206 Surface Mount Capacitors
.001uF, .01uF, .1uF, 0.47uF, 1uF (alt.), 2.2uF, 10uF

Voltage Regulators
SMD: 3.3V 100 mA LDO (SOT23-3), 5V 100 mA LDO (SOT23-3), 5V 1A LDO (SOT-223)
Through Hole: 5V 1.5A (TO-220)

PNP surface mount (less powerful alternative), NPN surface mount, TIP120, NPN through hole, TIP125, PNP through hole
N-MOSFET (SMD), P-MOSFET (SMD), N-MOSFET (through-hole)

LM386: SMD (SOIC-8), Through Hole (DIP-8)

SMD: 12 Mhz (alt.), 20 MHz, 24 MHz (alt.)

SMD: 16 MHz (alt.), 20 MHz, 24 MHz

Female (0.1"): breakaway (32-position), taller but non-breakaway (50-position)
Male (0.1"): right-angle SMD (36-position)

vibrator motors
tiny cheap servos

LDR (Light Sensor):
Thermistor (Temperature Sensor):
Push Button:

Copper Tape (1/4")
Daburn: super fine very flexible wire
McMaster: super fine very flexible wire
CR2032 coin cell battery
sewable batter holder (CR2032) (not this one)
piezo buzzer CMT-1603
fiber optic filament
thermochromic ink
liquid crystal ink

Electronic Textiles

Traditional Textiles

Knitting Machine Yarn (Fine Knit Machine SK830)
Valley Cotton, 8/2
Aurora Cotton, 8/2
Alpaca Silk blend, 2/14

Wool Fiber and Roving
Pacific Wool and Fiber
Earth Guild
Weir Crafts

Plant Fiber
Halycyon Yarn

Cambridge/Boston Craft Stores
Mind's Eye Yarns: fiber, yarn, spinning and knitting equipment
Sew Low Discount Fabrics: fabric, findings, sewing equipment
Windsor Button: yarn, sewing notions & findings - cheap and T-accessible
Winmil Fabric: fabric, buttons, and many colors of cheap felt squares - also T-accessible
Boston Bead Company: bead store in Harvard Square

Paper Electronics


Acrylic Sheet
US Plastic Corp.: reasonably priced, limited color selection
Solter plastics: expensive, but beautiful color, pattern, & texture selection

Smooth On: Liquid plastic, rubber, etc.
US Plastic Corp.: measuring and mixing supplies

Future Electronics

Boulter Plywood (on the orange line)

Misc. Interesting
Rubber sheets and rolls: silicone, latex, neoprene