August 14, 2010, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA, open to the public
Workshop photos here.

Open a book to make it glow, draw a sketch to create music, touch a pop-up book to make it move. This workshop will teach you how to create interactive paintings and paper sculptures that sparkle, change shape, and sing. We’ll spend the day exploring the intersection of paper crafts and electronics using paper, conductive paints, traditional paints, lights, speakers, and glue. No previous experience required.

This workshop taught participants to make their own interactive paper lamps. They painted circuits with conductive paint and used a pre-programmed microcontroller to light an LED when the lamp was touched. Three different behaviors were available: toggling the light on and off, fading the light, and only turning on the light while the lamp was touched.

More information on painting circuits is available on our wiki.

ATtiny45 microcontroller
CuPro-Cote conductive paint
– watercolor paper and translucent vellum
square, through-hole, white LED
CR2032 coin cell battery
paper coin cell pouches

download: (ATtiny45 firmware)

Leah Buechley
Emily Lovell
David Mellis
Hannah Perner-Wilson