The Tiny AVR Programmer is now available from SparkFun Electronics. This programmer, developed by David A. Mellis in High-Low Tech, makes it easy to program the low-cost ATtiny45/85 and ATtiny44/84 microcontrollers from Atmel. (See the tutorial on using the TinyProgrammer for details.) Together with our tutorial on programming ATtiny microcontrollers from Arduino, the Tiny Programmer makes it easy to build projects using low-cost components. For an example, see this tutorial on building microcontroller circuits with copper tape.

The Tiny Programmer is based on the USBtiny firmware by Dick Streefland and the V-USB firmware by Objective Development, along with the USBtinyISP from Adafruit Industries. Jordan McConnell developed the production version of the programmer for SparkFun.

Get the Tiny AVR Programmer from SparkFun.