Codeable Objects is a library for Processing that enables novice coders, designers and artists to rapidly design, customize and construct an artifact using geometric computation and digital fabrication The programming methods provided by the library allow the user to program a variety of structures and designs with simple code and geometry. When the user compiles their code, the software outputs tool paths based on their specifications, which can be used in conjunction with digital fabrication tools to build their object.

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How it Works:

The first case study for the Codeable Objects library was conducted with a set of methods that facilitated the creation of a laser cut lamp. To begin the process, the user writes code using a programing library that contains multiple pre-defined functions for describing the shape of the lamp. When the code is compiled, the Processing sketch shows a 3d wireframe model of the object. A parabola defines the lamp curve, calculated using the 3 widths set by the user. These widths define 3 intersection points of the parabola.

While defining the shape of the lamp, the user can switch to a different screen that allows them to preview the 2D paths that will be used to cut the lamp on the laser cutter.The user can also switch to a 3rd view where they can preview the decorative patterns they create for the lamp shade. These patterns are generated using Voronoi diagrams. Using Processing and the Codeable Objects library, the user can generate points that will be used to define the pattern. Different orderings of points will produce different diagram patterns.

Once the user is satisfied with their design, they can press a key to save out their files to vectors in a pdf, which is then cut on the laser cutter and using simple crafting techniques, the user can assemble their finished piece.

Jennifer Jacobs