Rob Faludi leading an Xbee workshop @ High-Low Tech // MIT Media Lab
Thursday, November 17, 2 to 4:30 pm
MIT Media Lab

Free your project by going wireless! Trigger action at a distance or pass sensor data through thin air. Whether you are creating something that moves, spins, flies, walks or forms a data collection network, this workshop is for you.

The author of “Building Wireless Sensor Networks” will lead you through the basics of radio networking and beyond, using the popular point-to-point XBee Series 1 802.15.4 radios. The workshop begins with an introduction to all the required components, software, configuration commands and the basics of going wireless. The first project will be a Basic Chat session that demonstrates how to configure and connect a pair of XBee radios together. Then we’ll create an network of multiple Arduino boards communicating via XBee to a single computer running Processing. During this session we will talk about radio, protocols, I/O features and data while having plenty of fun!

Workshop Slides: MIT_Faludi_XBee_Workshop.pdf

While prior experience with basic electronics and physical computing is helpful, adventurous beginners are welcome.
Working on XBees | High-Low Tech | MIT Media Lab
Students are asked to bring their own laptop, Arduino board, USB cable, and breadboard along with them. All other supplies will be provided. Please install the following software on the laptop before class, if possible:

  • Arduino open-source microcontroller software:
  • CoolTerm serial terminal:
  • FTDI driver:

* (optional: Digi’s handy X-CTU tool for Windows:


  • Setting up XBees
  • Connecting XBees
  • Connecting devices to a computer via XBee

Robert Faludi is a professor in the MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and also in the Interactive Telecommunications program at NYU. He specializes in behavioral interactions through physical computing and networked objects. Rob is the author of Building Wireless Sensor Networks, with ZigBee, XBee, Arduino and Processing published by O’Reilly Media, 2011. He is currently the Collaborative Strategy Leader in R&D for Digi International, with a mandate to forge stronger connections with the maker community, discover outstanding new work, contribute to outside projects and support innovators.