The LilyTiny is a small sewable breakout board for ATtiny85 microcontrollers – devices which may be integrated into circuits to enable pre-determined interactions such as lights that flash or areas that can sense touch.

Piezo Powered Tambourine

An electric tambourine that is completely powered by the playing of the instrument.

Animated Vines

Animated Vines is an interactive paper installation that comes to life in the presence of a viewer. Normally a static wall hanging, as the viewer approaches the vines begin to curl and slither up and down.

Self-folding Origami Paper

A first-step toward origami robotics, I/O paper is a pair of origami papers in which the red (controller) paper senses how it is being folded and the white (output) paper follows.


The Kit-of-No-Parts is an approach to crafting electronics rather than designing discrete components. The collection of recipes and ingredients documented on the Kit-of-No-Parts website describe how to build electronics from a wide variety of conductive and non-conductive materials using a range of traditional and contemporary craft techniques.

Open Source Consumer Electronics

Case studies in the ways that digital fabrication allows us to treat the designs of products as a kind of source code: files that can be freely shared, modified, and produced.

Getting Hands-On with Soft Circuits

Getting Hands-On with Soft Circuits is a set of instructional materials which seeks to expose middle and high school students to the creative, expressive, and computationally engaging domain of e-textiles.


The Telescrapbooks are remote-communicating electronic scrapbook. They are constructed to look and feel as much as possible like traditional books, and to be completely customizable and craft-able. The idea is for people to be able to design a personalized remote communication tool for themselves and someone they care about.

I/O Stickers

I/O Stickers is an electronics construction kit made up of adhesive sensors and actuators. It is designed to empower users to create electronics while also leveraging existing skills in craft, resulting in works that are creatively expressive as well as technically sophisticated.

Electronic Origami

These origami birds are electronically modified versions of the classic models. The crane silently flaps on its own using shape memory wire in the wings. The pair of doves communicate wirelessly through radio. When one bird flaps, its partner lights up.