Sew Electric Sew Electric Books

Sew Electric is a book of hands-on LilyPad Arduino tutorials that bring together craft, electronics, and programming. The book walks you through the process of designing and making a series of quirky customizable projects including a sparkling bracelet, a glow in the dark bookmark, a fabric piano, and a monster that sings when you hold […]

Circuit Stickers

Circuit stickers are a new medium for making electronics. These thin, lightweight, flexible and sticky circuit boards allow us to craft electronic interactivity onto new spaces and interfaces such as books, clothing, walls, and even our bodies.


DressCode is a programming language and enviroment for designing and building decorative and functional artifacts.

DIY Cellphone My new phone.

An exploration into the possibilities for individual construction and customization of the most ubiquitous of electronic devices, the cellphone.

Drawing the TinySynth Capactive touch button

TinySynth is a project oriented around a paper-craft synthesizer that can be built with a handful of components and conductive inks.

StoryClip DSC_0426

StoryClip is a software-hardware tool that allows you to record sounds and attach them to specific conductive regions in a drawing. Metal clips attach to the edge of a sheet of paper, and turn conductive drawings (either with conductive ink or graphite) into capacitive touch buttons.

Pu Gong Ying Tu (Dandelion Painting)

Pu Gong Ying Tu is an interactive painting of a dandelion field. When you blow on the white puffs, the seeds disperse and generate new flowers. These flowers begin as yellow dandelions, but after a few moments bloom into responsive white seed puffs.

Microcontrollers as Material

We’ve developed a set of tools and techniques that make it easy to use microcontrollers as an art or craft material, embedding them directly into drawings or other artifacts. We use the ATtiny45 from Atmel, a small and cheap (~$1) microcontroller that can be glued directly to paper or other objects. We then construct circuits […]

Codeable Objects

Codeable Objects is a library for Processing that enables novice coders, designers and artists to rapidly design, customize and construct an artifact using geometric computation and digital fabrication The programming methods provided by the library allow the user to program a variety of structures and designs with simple code and geometry. When the user compiles […]

Computational Textiles Curriculum sewable digital piano

The Computational Textiles Curriculum is a collection of projects that leverages the creativity and beauty inherent in e-textiles to create an introductory computer-science curriculum for middle- and high-school students. The curriculum is taught through a sequence of hands-on project explorations of increasing difficulty, with each new project introducing new concepts in computer science, ranging from […]